Prinsen - Culinary moments, social encounters and tavern history

Since 1897, artists, cultural workers, business people, media personalities and other Stockholmers have gathered at Prinsen. Books have been born here. Love has been born here. Artists have cast their works here. This is where Hans Alfredsson has talked about Tage Danielsson and where the restaurateur's family was born between frying pans and pots. It is hard not to be seduced by the fancy turn-of-the-century restaurant with high ceilings, beautiful wood panels and art-filled walls.

People go to Prinsen to eat and socialize in a classic but unpretentious atmosphere. For more than a century, Prinsen has been the place for business meetings, family celebrations, Sunday dinners and tribal gatherings. There is a sea of people, restaurateurs and events to draw stories from, and at few Stockholm pubs does history meet the present as clearly as here. 

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The Prince's Christmas menu

Between November 24 and December 23, we will be serving a unique Christmas-inspired three-course menu for parties of ten or more. Here you can enjoy a classic Prinsen menu, but with some Christmas-themed flavors. This is a perfect dinner for companies or friends who want to celebrate Christmas together, without visiting a classic Christmas table. The menu comes with several different drink packages to complete the experience.

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Food and drink

The Prince's food and beverage philosophy is based on Swedish culinary tradition, honest ingredients and food craftsmanship with great care for the guest's taste experience. We pay homage to classic restaurant cuisine, cooking from scratch with a French flair, Swedish humour and the finest ingredients. At Prinsen we serve Swedish classics, but always rooted in the present and with modern influences.

Homemade meatballs, Biff Rydberg and Wallenbergare are served with goat cheese from Skärvången and baked chocolate fondant with pistachio ice cream on the menu. We have a solid beverage knowledge in the pub and always at least one sommelier on site.

Because there's no getting away from the fact that there's something particularly pleasant about drinking a carefully selected Riesling with the Prince's classic lukewarm salad, feeling the social tranquillity of the atmosphere and a century of history in the walls.

"A cultural restaurant with more than 400 years of history in its walls."


You are of course welcome to call or write to us if you have any questions or need to talk to us. If that's not convenient, our doors are open, so just pop in!

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Monday 11.30 - 22.00
Tuesday - Friday 11.30 - 23.30
Saturday 12.00 - 23.30
Sunday 13.00 - 22.00


The Prince's downstairs dining room is inspired by Hemingway and is ideal for events, releases, tastings, birthday receptions, christenings and many other occasions. The impressive zinc bar invites after-work opportunities for businesses and individuals alike.

Adjacent to the lower dining room is our chambre séparée, which is also our living wine cellar. Here, up to 16 people can sit a little more secluded, surrounded by some of the world's best wines. Prinsen can also tailor-make a variety of wine tastings, champagne tastings and other corporate events.

Welcome to contact us to plan and implement memorable events, parties and other events together.

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Jazzy on Prinsen

New date! Thursday the 30th at 21:00

We are super happy to present a new opportunity for Prinsens popular jazz! Together with Eriksberg, we invite Anna Sahlin and friends who will offer beautiful jazzy tones, maybe even something Christmas-related, who knows? 

On Thursday, November 30, they're back and start at 9pm, so what better way to enjoy a late dinner?


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Strategically located between Stureplans bustling business, Stockholm's best shopping streets and Dramaten, Prinsen is a reliable beacon of light. For over a hundred years, people who have worked and moved through these neighbourhoods have flocked here to eat well, drink, socialize and enjoy themselves. Artists, writers and actors have seen Prinsen as their extended living room.

The atmosphere, comfort and uncompromising cuisine have also attracted many skilled professionals to the kitchen, dining room, bar and cloakroom. This is how it has been since 1897. Guess there are many good stories to tell from here. Some are actually written down, others in people's memories.

"An antique setting in a modern restaurant that puts love into food and wine with a personal warm service - since 1897."

Jazzy on Prinsen

On Thursday, November 30, they're back and start at 9pm, so what better way to enjoy a late dinner?

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